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Simple Stress Buster

Stress can be sly, cunning, and quick to strike. It can wrap itself around your life and squeeze out the peace and relaxation you work so hard to achieve. I am betting you have these days too. The days in which you try so very hard to be present in the moment, yet the world just keeps collapsing in. Those days when you swear some unseen force is turning all your clocks ahead throughout the day, snatching away that precious time you had put aside to...relax!

We have all heard about meditation, deep breathing, and exercise as good warriors against this unseen force of stress. Yet, what happens when you are not able to utilize these warriors in a particular moment? We can't just drop down a yoga mat in the middle of the shopping center when feeling overwhelmed, or start some exercise routine during that important board meeting when the stress slyly seeps in.

My solution is a simple phrase I created years ago. I have used this phrase whenever I find myself out in the world, unable to escape into my meditation practice, and feeling those icy fingers of stress start to dance down my spine. I use this phrase, along with some visualizations to unwind the grip of stress and come back to a peaceful existence.

My phrase is Breathe, Smile, Relax, Repeat.

The first part is Breathe. This word is to remind you of those deep belly breaths, the ones that fill your whole abdomen. As you breathe into your core, draw your breath all the way down through your legs and into the ground beneath your feet. Imagine your feet extending into the earth below you, anchoring deeply within its fertile depths. In doing this visualization you are grounding yourself, allowing the stress to flow out of your body and into the earth. You are now grounded.

The second part is to Smile. Within this word is the reminder to open your heart center, allowing the joy that is all around us to fill your heart. In order to do this focus on drawing the sacred earth energy you tapped into during the grounding above. Now, draw that force up into your body. Allow it to open, fill, and bless your heart with the nurturing love of the earth. Breathing deeply again, you feel your heart full of peace, love, and joy. Feel yourself smile as you feel the blessing of this energy radiate through your heart. You are now centered within your heart.

Next, Relax. Simply feel the tension within each muscle, fiber, joint, and cell of your body let go completely. Imagine every piece of tension melting away under your breath. Any place you feel resistance just keep breathing compassion, understanding, and patience into that place, giving yourself permission to just let go. You feel your body gratefully grow more fluid, smooth, and calm. You are now at peace.

Finally, Repeat. Continue the phrase and visualizations as outlined above as many times as it takes to feel the stress of the moment pass. Practice this exercise even during moments when you are not experiencing stress in order to remind yourself to always hold a peaceful intent. With practice your body, mind, and spirit begin to learn a different response to stressful moments. You are able to be present, without allowing the stress of a situation to knock you off balance. You can repeat this process at different points each day, feeling grateful to be able to be fully present and full of joy.

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