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New Moon in Capricorn - January 2021

New Moon in Capricorn - Abby Drew

The New Moon rises in the skies tonight in the sign of Capricorn. New moons are about planting our seeds of intentions and dreams. With this New Moon in January, it is a great time to focus on what you wish to plant within your life for the coming year.

This is especially true with any professional goals you may be wishing to manifest. Capricorn encourages us under this New Moon to try to boost our social standing, or the way society views us. You may feel more in touch with the overall emotional energy of your peers. This can help you relate to your colleagues in a deeper way, or encourage you to help others in your work place.

Other transits that are happening under the New Moon:

Mars is also making a square to Saturn today. You may feel you are blocked from forward motion, but instead of just pushing ahead try to tap into any feelings you are experiencing. Most of the time these blocks are due to your own fears or lack of self-worth. This may even be exacerbated by your peers today. Try to stop and ask yourself if the feelings you are having are based in truth, or if they are beliefs you have picked up somewhere along the way. You do not need to hold onto beliefs that do not reflect who you really are. Allow these outdated beliefs to shed away as you move gently through this day.

A trine between Venus and Uranus will bring some excitement into this day as well. Your old habits and routines may feel extra confining under this transit. It would be a good idea to add a little spice to your life. Try a new movie (in a genre you would not normally choose), cook up a dish you have never had before, or take someone up on a fun outdoor adventure. A little change may be just what is needed to fill your heart with joy.

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