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Full Moon in Leo – January 2021

Full Moon in Leo - Abby Drew

The lion rules tonight as a Full Moon rises in the sign of Leo. Your emotions may run stronger than usual under this Moon. It will be harder to hide your true feelings from others, and under this moon you shouldn’t even try. This is not a moon that encourages us to hide in the shadows. Instead, let your heart shine under this moon. Feel your true self radiate to the whole world. Be your true, beautiful self.

There may be an extra depth to your relationships tonight. You may feel deeply connected to your partner. Just make sure you are not ignoring their feelings by getting swept up in your own. It is a powerful moon for feelings that can carry you away.

There may also be a strong desire to take care of those around you. Try to lend a hand when you can, give from your heart, and enjoy the contentment that comes from helping others. You may wish to call someone that is feeling alone, or draw a bath for a loved one to soak in the moon’s energy.

Other transits happening under this Full Moon:

Additionally, Venus is making a conjunct to Pluto under this Full Moon. This may add some major intensity to your relationships. There may also me a desire to use your romantic relationship as an escape from the real world. On the other hand, there may be a desire to use love to manipulate. It is best to keep both feet on the ground and communicate with your partner about anything you are feeling. Try to see the person you are with as their true self, rather than working to shift them into some flight of fantasy.

There will be a positive influence to this day with the Sun making a conjunct to Jupiter. This transit may help you have a more positive mental mindset, as well as a good feeling overall. You may feel a need to take on projects that are a little bigger than you can handle. Instead, focus on dreaming big under this Full Moon. Allow your heart’s desires to be fully realized and begin to align yourself with your sacred journey.

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