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Full Moon in Gemini - November 2020

Full Moon in Gemini - Abby Drew - Intuitive Guide

The Full Moon rises in the skies tonight in the sign of Gemini. This Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse. You may notice the influence of this moon on changing emotions throughout the day.

If you notice that you feel pulled in varied, or contrasting directions today, try to go with the flow. Allow all of these feelings to wash over you as the Full Moon drifts through the skies tonight. Use this time to hold a gentle curiosity for all the thoughts or feelings that arise. Maybe within some of these feelings is a new path for inspiration?

If you start to feel scattered tonight try to focus on grounding down. If you can, go outside and place your feet on the earth, deeply breathing in the grounding energy. Otherwise, try a grounding exercise of drawing the breath in through the head, allowing it to flow through you body, and out through the bottom of your feet. As you focus on your breath try to imagine sweeping out any stressful, scattered energies.

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Mercury is also making a sextile to Saturn today. This brings extra clarity to your communication. If you notice that you are drawn into deeper conversations this may be the reason why. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. Therefore, this Full Moon in Gemini has an extra punch tonight. It may be a great night to do some journaling as you work on releasing anything that no longer serves your purpose.

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