• Abby Drew

Full Moon in Cancer - December 2020

A Full Moon rises in the skies tonight in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so you may see an extra boost to your emotional energies today. Cancer is also associated with your family/home, romance, sensitive emotions, imagination, and the Mother (caregiver). You may feel a draw to spend this Full Moon in solitude (an attribute of Cancer). There may also be a need to find comfort from the demands of the world at this time.

It is a good night to meditate on your emotional outlook of the world around you. You may find that some of the beliefs that you have been carrying around with you are controlling your life in a way that does not serve your highest path. If you find that there are beliefs, negative emotions, or attachments that you are ready to release you can do so under the gentle guidance of this Full Moon. Open your heart to the light of this Moon and compassionately let go of anything that is blocking you from the joy, peace, and health that you are working to bring into your life. The more you clear the slate of your unconscious, the better you are able to paint a picture of your true heart’s desires.

The messages posted here are not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace any current care one is receiving. These messages are for pure reflective and meditation purposes only. All material on this blog, including the images and content, are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved.


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