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Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox - Abby Drew - Intuitive Guide

Our beautiful sun enters the harmonious sign of Libra today, marking the Autumn Equinox/Mabon, or the first day of the fall season. Libra enjoys balance in all aspects of life, acting as the mediator and peacekeeper. Day and night are equal today, reflecting this balance of the Equinox season. The only other time this happens is at the Spring Equinox/Ostara.

It is during these times of Equinox balance that we reach a tipping point between the start of the warm or cold seasons. This is a good time to take stock of our lives. What is beneficial to our journey that we wish to nourish? What is creating negativity that we are ready to release?

Today is also a master number 22 in numerology. This allows all of our dreams and intuitions to be manifested into the physical world. In times of manifestation it is important to monitor what we think, feel, and speak. Everything that we put out into the world creates a vibration of energy which is returned back to us. If you wish to bring more joy, love, health, etc. into your life make sure that you think of these beautiful intentions, feel them in your core, and speak this truth out into the world.

This is also the second harvest of the year (the first being the Summer Solstice/Litha and the Last being Halloween/Samhain). As we gather the harvest of all the dreams and intentions that we planted at the beginning of the year, it is important to reflect with gratitude on all the gifts we have in our lives. Share this day with those you love and may the bounty of this season fill your heart and home!

The messages posted here are not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace any current care one is receiving. These messages are for pure reflective and meditation purposes only. All material on this blog, including the images and content, are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved.


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