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Guided Meditations

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to calm the mind, find peacefulness, and achieve a healthy existence. There are many types of meditations and countless ways to incorporate a mediation practice into your daily routine. Guided Meditations are offered as part of our Intuitive Guidance and Life Coach sessions. Even if you have never experienced meditation before, Abby can guide you so that you can discover the amazing potential hidden within each of us.

Ready to book your session? We offer both individual sessions as well as packages to help you succeed in reaching your transformational goals. Contact us today to get started.

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• Meeting your angels and spirit guides and learn how to invoke them for assistance 
• Understanding ways to tap into your inner voice and learn how to trust your intuition 
• Learning how to draw upon your passion and power 
• Finding out how to “check in” with yourself for daily guidance 
• Discovering ways to bring calm into your daily life 
• Reprograming past lives to heal your present 
• Understanding the akashic records and how to access them 
• Learning how to manifest positive people and opportunities into your life 
• And much more!  

What are meditations for?

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Guided Meditation sessions are available either as a single session or as a package (with savings). Each session is for 1 hour either over the phone or video chat. 

Guided Meditation Session


This is for a single session. These sessions can be purchased as desired.

One Session

Regular Price

Guided Meditation Session Package


This is for a package of 4 sessions. These sessions can be used anytime within a 12 month period after purchase.  

4 Sessions

Savings of $30

Guided Meditation Session Package


This is for a package of 6 sessions. These sessions can be used anytime within a 12 month period after purchase. 

6 Sessions

Savings of $60


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How can I prepare for a session?

• Abby will either call you or initiate video chat at the time of your session based on your preference (you will talk with Abby for a bit before starting the meditation) 
• You will either be on a video chat or phone with Abby so check your audio before your session so you can hear Abby clearly 
• If you are using video chat send Abby your Skype Id BEFORE your session 
• You can either sit or lie down during the meditation 
• Make sure you are in a quiet space free of any distractions 
• Silence phones and devices 
• Keep pets or small children away from your space during the session 

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