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Distance Reiki and Energy Work

Abby Drew has been a Master/teacher of Reiki for over 10 years. Distance Reiki and Energy Work sessions are offered to help you find balance and peace for your wellness journey. This is a gentle, relaxing technique that is used to allow the body, mind, and spirit to let go of any energy blocks it is holding, while filling the whole being with healing light. These sessions are offered through distance work so the energy can be sent anywhere. The sessions are also able to be used for children or adults, animals, or a location (a home or business blessing).

Ready to book your session? We offer both individual sessions as well as packages to help you succeed in reaching your transformational goals. Contact us today to get started.

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What may be included in a session? 

• Reiki or energy work sent long distance to wherever you are 
• Crystal layouts 
• Crystal singing bowls 
• Working with your angels and guides 
• Essential oils 
• Smudging 

*Please note the distance Reiki and energy work is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical disease. It is also not meant to replace any care that you are currently receiving. 

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Distance Reiki and Energy Work sessions are available either as a single session or as a package (with savings).  



This is for a single 1/2 hour session. These sessions can be purchased as desired.

Single 1/2 Hour Session

Regular Price



This is for a single 1 hour session. These sessions can be purchased as desired.

Single 1 Hour Session

Regular Price



This is for a package of 4 sessions. These sessions can be used anytime within a 12 month period after purchase. Each session is for 1 hour.

Package of 4 sessions (each session is 1 hour)

Savings of $30


Contact Abby and book your first session

How can I prepare for a session? 

  • Abby will begin to send Reiki and Energy Work to you (or your pet, home, etc) at your scheduled time

  • If there is anything in particular you would like to focus on let Abby know before your session

  • You can either sit or lie down during the session

  • Make sure you are in a quiet space free of any distractions

  • Silence phones and devices

  • Keep pets or small children away from your space during the session

  • Try your best to imagine soaking up the energy like a sponge

  • You may feel some tingling or warmth during your session, or just an overall sense of peace. Breath deep and soak it in.

  • Relax, and enjoy the gentle energy work!

Contact Abby and book your first session

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